Devices for healthcare in Africa


Medical Devices

From Pharmaceuticals and Medical disposables to medical Devices and Equipment.

Although many companies in the group carry common products, each subsidiary or partner company may carry their own products ranges. Therefore for more product-specific information, please visit or contact our subsidiary company websites.

  • Diagnostic medical equipment

    Diagnostic medical equipment

  • Anaesthetic equipment

    Anaesthetic equipment

  • Medical Imaging

    Medical Imaging

  • Medical ultrasound

    Medical ultrasound

  • Magnetic resonance imaging

    Magnetic resonance imaging

  • X-ray generator

    X-ray generator

  • CT scan

    CT scan

  • Dental equipment

    Dental equipment

  • Cardiology equipment

    Cardioloigy equipment

  • Emergency medical equipment

    Emergency medical equipment

  • Infusion pumps

    Infusion pumps

  • Advanced airway

    Advanced airway

  • Laboratory medical equipment

    Laboratory medical equipment

  • Medical monitors

    Medical monitors

  • Therapeutic physical therapy machine

    Therapeutic physical therapy machine